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Adventurer ID & Rescue LifeSAVER Kit.

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Equine ID Rescue Kit

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Camping safety items.

Exclusive Camping Items

The “Field Smart” camp safe id
solutions are created exclusively for
each individual camp or excursion.
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Our Vision

Create a World Where Safety and Preparedness Go Hand in Hand!

Our Vision is to create a world where safety is a top priority for every individual, and accidents are preventable. We believe in empowering people with our lifesaving rescue products to lead fearless lives, full of adventures and passion. Our ultimate goal is to make safety accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial capacity or background.

Our Mission

Reliable, Effective, and Affordable Rescue Solutions for Every Adventure.

Our Mission is to save lives through our innovative and affordable safety products. We are inspired by the tireless efforts of Dr. Lou Gaston, who has dedicated over 50 years of his life to improving the safety and well-being of people from all walks of life. Our products are designed with simplicity, assured performance, and affordability in mind, ensuring that everyone can access lifesaving solutions that they may never need but can always rely on in times of emergency. We are committed to creating minimal impact on a person’s activities, so they can focus on their passions without worrying about safety. Our products give our customers peace of mind, knowing they are always prepared to face any unexpected challenges.

ID LifeSavers is here to provide your peace of mind while living
your best action-packed life. It’s highly personalized medical and
contact information and safety gear depending on your specific brand of fun.
Select each adventure and learn more.

Meet the Creator

Meet the Creator

Dr. Lou Gaston, PA-C, D.C., LTC-R (USA), Tactical Med Officer

President, Medical Emergency Data Systems, Inc. and LJ Gaston, Inc. (DBA-/LifeSAVER Systems/Universal Rescue Cover) Introducing the esteemed Dr. Lou Gaston, a visionary dedicated to creating safety products and services that enhance and safeguard the lives of multitudes. With over 50 years of experience spanning Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Persons with Disabilities, Law Enforcement, and our Warfighters, Dr. Gaston’s contributions have reverberated throughout the industry.
A trailblazer in his field, Dr. Gaston’s tireless work has brought hope and protection to countless lives. From developing innovative solutions to addressing pressing safety concerns, he is the driving force behind a wide array of lifesaving products and services. His passion for advancing public safety, coupled with his extensive expertise and unwavering commitment, is a testament to his legacy as a true leader in the field of safety technology.

Lifesaving Products Designed By Dr. Louis Gaston

Dr. Louis Gaston’s passion for improving the quality of life for his patients is second to none. With over five decades of dedicated service, Dr. Gaston has become a beacon of hope for those with disabilities, a trusted provider of innovative safety solutions, and a selfless protector of his community and nation. Whether in the field or the office, Dr. Gaston’s unwavering commitment to excellence continues to inspire and empower people to live their best lives.

Through his innovative safety designs, Dr. Gaston has heroically rescued countless lives, inspiring the creation of LifeSAVER Systems. His expertise has led to development of numerous safety solutions that protect and defend against potential hazards, proving invaluable in critical moments.


  • Helmet Medical Information Carrier (LifeSAVER) Systems. Originally developed for Gov. Tom Ridge’s Keystone Bike Ride in 1998, this product revolutionized rider safety by providing universal access to vital medical information. This innovation quickly expanded to other helmet types, including those used in rescue missions and motorcycling. Our systems ensure that critical medical information is readily available to medical professionals in case of injury or illness, maximizing the chances of a swift and successful recovery. With Universal Rescue Systems, your helmet becomes your ultimate lifesaving asset.
  • The Helmet Medical Information Carrier System Kit has been recognized by the world’s largest hardhat manufacturer, MSA, as the exclusive “LifeSAVER” product. It is designed to enhance safety and increase preparedness for individuals in various industries. With this innovative system, vital medical information is easily accessible in case of an emergency. Our commitment to creating high-value and lifesaving solutions has been acknowledged by industry leaders, and we are proud to continue improving and evolving our products to meet the changing needs of our customers.
  • Dr. Lou Gaston’s innovative mind never sleeps. After a life-changing combat tour to Iraq in 2005, he devised a safety solution for turret gunners in HMMWVs – the safety S.E.A.T. innovation. The concept was embraced by Picatinny Arsenal and was later adopted as a part of the Gunner Protection Kit, proving to be a lifesaving addition to combat gear. In 2007, the Kit, including the S.E.A.T., earned a place among the Army’s “Top Ten Inventions!” showcasing Gaston’s unparalleled commitment to saving lives through his innovative ideas.
  • Out of Dr. Lou Gaston’s ingenuity comes the Universal Tactical Cover, a product that has revolutionized Search & Rescue operations. The cover’s origins can be traced back to the S.E.A.T components, and it has been dubbed “One of the best new SAR products introduced in many years!” The cover’s multifunctionality makes it an essential tool for rescue missions with countless applications, guaranteeing its place as an indispensable asset for any rescue operation.
  • LifeSAVER Trail Rescue & ID Kit: Experience the great outdoors with peace of mind, knowing that you are equipped with the LifeSAVER Trail Rescue & ID Kit. This featherweight, the water-resistant kit contains critical components of Wilderness Medicine and SAR that enhance acute medical care and expedite rescue operations. Our “Be Seen. Be Saved.” message empowers hikers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts to venture boldly into the wilderness while ensuring they are always prepared for emergencies.

Dr. Gaston has made it his mission to not only create lifesaving products but also to uplift his community. Through his commitment to providing employment opportunities for local workers with disabilities, he has exemplified the spirit of inclusivity and social responsibility.

Universal Rescue Systems: Your Trusted Lifesaving Partner!