In 2004 I crashed my bike when I slipped on wet leaves after dark. The helmet was trashed and my left clavicle broken.I was conscious but incoherent because of the smack of my helmet to the pavement. The EMTs who responded used the information to treat me quickly and appropriately. I am allergic to opiates.I added the phrase “Please transport bicycle” on the carrier and when I woke up in the hospital after surgery, my first question was, “where’s my bike?” The answer? They brought it along with me in the ambulance to the hospital and there is was along the wall right in my room!The Medical Information Carrier System helped me get the proper treatment and saved my bike!Hal Ballard

Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate your product! St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood ,Colorado has used the helmet emergency ID sticker systems for many years for a bike tour we sponsor called Ride the Rockies. We provide over 2500 cyclists/year on this ride with your product and the participants love having them. It has become a tradition that gives confidence to participants that should anything happen they have information readily available to EMS providers that would facilitate care. Many times after this tour I will receive many requests from people for additional systems for their riding clubs or families. Your company is easy to work with and I love the personal attention when making my orders! Thank you! Vicky Cassabaum RN, BSN Medical Coordinator, Ride the Rockies

“When I first saw a sample of the Medical Information Carrier at a national conference of bicycle tour directors in the early 2000’s, I knew this simple, yet powerful system would be a perfect addition for the participants of the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure. Since then, we’ve offered the systems to our riders as an addtional benefit of their registration. The riders use them and appreciate their value. And when I meet with emergency officials in the months ahead of our bicycle tour, they are always impressed with this system that helps them provide potential aid to our 2000+ riders. As for all emergency planning, simple procedures that are likely to be followed and quick and easy access to life-saving information form the backbone of the plan. The Medical Information Carrier system meets all of those criteria to the utmost.”Bill Gordon & Julie Van Winkle, Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA)

“…After I was loaded into the ambulance, the tags I wore on my helmet became a great asset. All the EMT had to do was to open the tag and remove all my medical information. You’ll never know how important that tag was! I could never have remembered all of my medical information because of the trauma to my leg and hand.”Howard Quinn, Motorcyclist

“It’s suggested that you put one on every helmet in your collection, and share the rest with your friends. We at Motorcycle Consumer News hope you’ll do just that. And, besides, is there any better protection against disaster than being prepared?”Dave Searle, Motorcycle Consumer News

“This weekend I was introduced to your product. We ended up treating a rider who had crashed and passed out during treatment. I was shown your product and this is the greatest thing since sliced bread!”Harry A. Little, Kershaw County (SC) EMS

“I work for a nonprofit that serves people with brain injuries. Part of our program is to prevent brain injuries whenever possible through education about safety and wearing properly fitted helmets. Every year we host a Safety Fair during which our staff fits and supplies helmets to local youth. For the past few years we have been very enthusiastic about including a MEDS bicycle helmet sticker system with each helmet. It is a great idea in an extremely clever design, and we thank you for helping us keep children safe.”Sylvia S., Making Headway Center for Brain Injury

“All I can say is WOW! This is a very simple and easy to use system that I know will save a lot of time and even some lives…”Lynn Tivens, Publisher/EditorThe FullCycle

“This system is a great and simple device, and as far as that goes, we hope the Gillette Police Department or the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office never need to use one again. But if we do, I’m glad we have them. Thanks.”Rob Gallob, Gillette Police

Mine Safety Appliance (MSA), the world’s largest hardhat manufacturer, allows ONLY one safety device on their hardhats, the Medical Information Carrier System.

“Our opinion of the Medical Information Carrier System is that it provides those of us in public safety with a remarkable tool to aid those in need.”Dennis C. Rickard, Secretary/Treasurer Sheriffs’ Association of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

“I am pleased to inform you that USA Cycling will endorse your Medical Emergency Data System. We feel that this product will be a great ‘peace of mind’ for bicycle riders and their relatives.”John F. Tarbert, Technical DirectorUSA Cycling